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Che You Fu New material Technology Development (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, headquartered in Zengcheng -- Guangzhou. Company specializes in the production of PU\PV coating, ultra-fiber synthetic leather and its extension products, more than 10 years to develop a number of popular leather varieties, such as Ao leather, Shushina, etc., widely used in automotive, furniture, handbags, outdoor products, home textile, garment accessories. All products are up to the relevant standards and EU REACH standards, in the domestic and foreign markets are quite well received, adhering to the quality of survival, scientific development, adhere to the concept of green production, integrity management ", to bring benefits to customers, but also to win a good reputation for themselves. At the same time, the company also has a strong comprehensive strength of processing and modification technology, specializing in automotive leather seat cover, leather hand steering wheel, leather stall, door board, center console and other automotive leather interior parts processing, coating, modification, a collection of many outstanding personnel in the industry, with more than 20 years of experience in plate making, more than eight years of sewing technology and installation technology personnel, with an efficient team of cooperation, staff and domestic and foreign advanced peer exchange and learning, in addition, the company attaches great importance to hardware construction investment, the introduction of domestic leading automotive leather seat sewing equipment, To meet the user's composite sponge process matching, a variety of combination patterns, beautiful thread, accurate aperture punching and sewing needs, widely used in car seats, cushions, foot mats, leather sofa, chairs, office seats and other areas of sewing, the accuracy of the position makes car interior, aviation seats and other high-precision applications possible, to meet the modern people's picky about details and texture.Please Find Your Interested Products Together With The Item No, You Can Call Us ,Email Us Or Fax Us To Inquire ,We Will Reply You At The First Time. We Are Always Looking Forward To Establish Long-Term Business Relationships With You In Near Future.
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